Super cool ' Power Blade ' is coming to the ZX Spectrum 128k

Possibly the best looking ZX Spectrum game of this Autumn has just been announced, as we've come across a tweet from n1k-o@nq_skrju, that he is working on a seriously good looking ZX Spectrum game called ' Power Blade ', which originally was on the NES by Taito. This game is a kick ass action platformer and puts you in control of NOVA who must restore a Master Computer that has been taken offline by Aliens.

If you've got a ZX Spectrum or perhaps an emulator then this game with its high grade gameplay killing enemies with a boomerang will most definitely be the game for you. It has great ZX Spectrum graphics, super animation, deadly traps and nasty enemies, addictive gameplay and from the video above you can hear a thumping good soundtrack!

Release Date : TBA

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