Tower of Rubble 64 - A rubble crushing conversion for the C64 gets a release

It's 9am in the morning and it's glorious, why? Well because as of this moment you can finally play the C64 conversion of ' Tower of Rubble ', which was previously released as a PC game entry by Flatgub in the CGA Jam competition. As we said before in this game the challenge is to survive as long as possible as the lethal Tower of Rubble crumbles and rebuilds itself around you. Can you survive for a great high score, or will you end up getting squashed flat?

Surprisingly with the amount of fun to be had in this game and how cool it looks, Tower of Rubble 64 is actually a free game released via Komoda and Amiga Plus Magazine 2018! Also this great conversion was done by a team of people such as Tomasz Ankudowicz, Worrior1 and Gaetano Chiummo. So if you've got a weekend to spare, play this game, you'll be hooked!

Links :1) Source  2) Download 3) Trainer 4) PC Version

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