ASTRONAUT LABYRINTH - Jaime Grilo's brand new ZX Spectrum game

The last game of the evening is a ZX Spectrum one, as just moments ago through Facebook we found out that Jaime Grilo, the same developer behind games such as QUAHAPPY and Tea-Leaf Ted, has released his arcade/adventure game ' ASTRONAUT LABYRINTH ' for both the Spectrum 48K (without music) and ZX Spectrum 128K (with AY music) which was made using AGDX!

Featuring a fabulous loading screen by Andy Green, music by Visual, font by Damien Guard and well thought out levels spread across 30 screens. You play as Brian Bentley, a space explorer who was sucked into an intergalactic portal and landed inside a sort of astronaut-shaped labyrinth when he was travelling in his spacecraft. The objective? To collect 6 parts of an astronaut and find the battery to make the exit work and get the hell out of there.

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