The Shadow over Hawksmill - A dark C64 Cthulhu inspired game announced

Argus, Organism, Sizzler, and Rocky Memphis : The Legend Of Atlantis are some truly great games created by Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey and Saul Cross, and while we wait for ARCADE Daze and Age of Heroes to be finished, it looks as if another game is coming that is sure to excite many in the C64 community. Titled as 'The shadow over Hawksmill', this game announced today is a Stuart Collier and Trevor Storey's Cthulhu based horror, which will be using the Legend of Atlantis engine but with far more action

Warrior of the Sun

Sadly that's all we know about the game going by the fact it was announced recently, but The Shadow over Hawksmill wasn't the only game keeping us excited, as they also showed off some new screenshots for their in development game Warrior of the Sun. Which from the look of it, is an isometric The Last Ninja inspired game, except you playing as a Mayan warrior, complete with ancient tombs and deadly enmies!

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