Digiloi - PETSCII game for the C64 looks incredible!

With the end of the year fast approaching, you'd be forgiven in thinking there would be a slow down in games being released seeing as the Christmas game rush had just ended. Well prepare to have your minds blown, as earlier today Dr. TerrorZ released his incredible PETSCII game for the C64 called ' Digiloi '; a highly impressive PETSCII game that is shockingly also an action platformer!

Although there were many PETSCII-only games for the C64, especially in the early 1980's and PETSCII based PC games that are still released to this day, what really stands out is this is a seriously good piece of programming and impresses even dedicated C64 owners who never thought a technique such as this would be used in this way. For those of you concerned about the game play aspect don't be, as add in this wonderful art style and great blasting action, Digiloi is a fantastic game to end 2018.

Links :1) Detailed Development 2) Source 2) Download + Trainer

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