O-EYES - ZX Spectrum port of the 1982 arcade game EYES

A new game has appeared for the ZX Spectrum, as thanks to a heads up by our good friend ZX Dev, they have told us oblo's game of 'O-EYES' has been released. This game is a ZX Spectrum port of the 1982 Arcade game ' EYES ', which was originally developed by Digitrex Techstar (Rock-ola) as a Pac-Man style game except with a goal to shoot all the dots rather than eat them to move on to the next maze.

As if that wasnt the only thing different in O-Eyes as in this game you are also able to shoot many of the enemies in the game which should hopefully for a period of time remove them from the maze and give you a higher score. Just be-aware they can come back, and if not dealt with will make your gameplay that much harder to experience.

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