Rodman Special Edition - It's kinda like Pac-Man but it blows things up!

If you're not into those festive games but still want to buy a damn fine game for Christmas then look no further than Misfit's ' Rodman ', a super duper Pac-Man style game with some very cool yet unique differences. This game released in multi-format for the VIC-20,C64,C16,ZX Spectrum,Atari 8bit,Oric,MSX and Amstrad. Puts you in control of Rodman who must collect all the dots in each of the many maze levels while avoiding enemies such as Naughty Nic and Dirty Tim!

What makes this game so awesome other than the different levels and great sound effects and music, is the fact that in this game you can actually blow other enemies up with the collected diamonds, which gives the game an almost Bomberman like style. So yes it's full of fun and if  you have any of the systems listed above, you'll be able to enjoy Rodman all the way through!


Links :1) Source + Demo

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