The Beast Of Torrack Moor - 30th Anniversary Edition is finally here

Throughout the last few years we've featured a number of text based adventures, games such as the upcoming unnamed Pirate themed C64 adventure, The Pawn Remastered, The Marlo Files Remastered Edition, and Goblin Towers to name but a few. But there's another game of similar flavour that has just been released and worth checking out, and that is The Beast Of Torrack Moor - 30th Anniversary Edition; a remastered version of a game released in 1988, by Linda Doughty for the ZX Spectrum

According to Chris Ainsley, this game is a port of "The Beast" (by Linda Doughty) that he has been working on for a little while now, with an additional loading screen and isometric 3D artwork as well as full colour graphics by Andy Green. In terms of the actual core development of this game, this port has been released on HTML5 platforms including mobile whereas the original game on the ZX Spectrum was written using Gilsoft PAWS.

Main Features :

CHOICE OF STYLES - Multiple skinning options, including several "retro" skins, and the ability to use modern truetype fonts.
NEW ARTWORK - Addition of new retro-style artwork from the wonderful Andy Green. Andy spent a great deal of effort crafting dozens of incidental graphics, a brand new loading screen, and a brand new end-game graphic. (NOTE: Where it made sense, some of Linda's original in-game graphics remain) .
TIMETABLE COMMAND - The 30th anniversary ships with a command (TIMES) that will summarize all schedules learned in the world of the Beast so far.
WHERE COMMAND - Keep track of (certain) NPCs using this handy command.
NEW FONTS - Fantastic fonts by Paul Van Der Laan, Eeve Somepx, and Pentacom, as well as support for system fonts.
ADAPTIVE UI - The game adapts to screen size, and will re-format content depending on the device type / screen resolution / screen orientation.
SUBTLE REFINEMENTS - Bugfixes, and enhanced usability features (such as click to navigate in some skins).
BLIP HEAVEN - If you love blips, you got blips. If you hate them, switch them off.
ADAPTIVE PARSER SPEED - The parser is configured to run at a different speed depending on the theme. Players can override the parser speed.
MODERN DEVICE SUPPORT - Modern device support via HTML5 technologies.
NOT EMULATION - The game has been ported to a new engine that is free of the limitations of emulation (such as being able to have an adaptive layout depending on device type).
POWER EFFICIENT - The game will not consume any meaningful amount of power when idle, unlike emulation.
TOUCH UI - The first release ships with a basic touch event handler. Touch a noun to append it to the command line. Touch a direction word to move in that direction. Long press a noun, to submit an examine command.
AUTO-SAVE - A revisit to the game page will resume where you left off.
AUTO-COMPLETE - Press Tab to autocomplete known verbs / nouns.

NOTE : Due to an Itch platform bug, the mobile version is not working as expected at present (it gets forced into landscape mode). It's all working on my side when not deployed on itch, I just have to wait for itch to fix it, which I'm sure they will. I hear great things about their customer support.

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