An unofficial It Came From The Desert Remake project shown

Back in 1989 Cinemaware released one of the greatest action-adventure games ever made. It had a strong Hollywood B movie vibe as you tried to prove that giant ants were real and convince the mayor to call upon the national guard to fight. Featuring a mix of adventuring, arcade and shooter game play and ported to a multitude of systems such as the Amiga, many gamers are still playing it even today. But the big news is and no this isn't from Cinemaware, as we've learnt Josue is remaking the classic game as an unofficial 3D remake.

Although a huge dev write up can be found on his own site, the developer has told the community his in development "'It Came From The Desert Remake', is his attempt of updating this Cinemaware masterpiece to modern visuals and mechanics, with the use of 3D modelling to remake all of the game locations and characters in 3D. He also goes on to say, the idea is to create an exact remake of the original game, with some enhancements, but the initial idea is to keep the narrative and game core mechanics intact (that is: fast travel movement, FP static camera, and dialogue system).

In terms of the minigames however something we all remember enjoying in the original hit classic, the developer feels they are probably a bit outdated and could use a bit of rethinking, so nothing much has been done on that side of the remake development as of yet. And that's just a small snippet to this rather interesting remake but for further developments hit the link below.

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  1. It's great that this game is coming back and being developed. I wonder when it will be released?

  2. Das wäre echt super als Game


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