Zerosphere Collectors Edition - A very squinty Amiga game gets a digital download

It's a Monday and we've got a great Amiga game to mention, as we've recently been told the Collectors Edition of 'Zerosphere ' by Heckmeck!, is now available to purchase as a Digital Download. This game was first mentioned way back in 2015 as the winner of the Interactive Competition and then mentioned again as a Flashtro trainer of the final edition released at the end of 2015. What makes this version different being that it's the collectors edition, is the fact it features highscore saving, refined levels with completely new levels, new enemies and goods, and shinier diamonds.

2015 Footage

In this game you play as a little orange character called Squinty who's just had his universe transformed by the evil Odak. You will either throw up or continue playing as this is the strangest game for a very long time that changes before your very eyes!

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