Panic! Dizzy - A 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins gets a NES Kickstarter

Throughout my childhood and into my adult life I've always had a fondness for that little adventuring egg called Dizzy, especially when he was first loaded up on to my Amstrad and then onwards to the Amiga and all the fan games that came thereafter. He brought into my life joy and wonder as thanks to the creators the Oliver Twins it was the only fairy tail that really mattered to me the most, ah the good ol' Yolkfolk! So if like me you were also a fan, you'll be pleased to know Chris Wilkins has launched a NES Kickstarter for Panic! Dizzy; A 'new' old NES game by The Oliver Twins that has been lost and found in The Oliver Twins attic!


Now some of you may remember the hugely popular announcement for Wonderland Dizzy, a Dizzy game found in the loft of a special breed of developers that needed a bit of magic to get on to your system, but Mystery World Dizzy and Dreamworld Pogie was also revealed not long after, and released as a fully playable online version, which yes we enjoyed immensily and it is still worth playing right now.

Well it looks as if the glorious Dizzy experience hasn't finished there, as although Panic! Dizzy did appear on multiple systems even the ZX Spectrum in the 1991, the Oliver Twins always felt the game lacked the important addictive gameplay so essential to puzzle games. And so with a hope to release it on the NES with a recreation of the elusive additive puzzle gameplay, the developers Philip and Andrew wrote the game packed with 5 different puzzle games into a 64KB Cartridge to justify the price..... So why didn't it appear in our hands?

Sadly as noted by the Kickstarter info, Panic! Dizzy wasn’t released by Codemasters at the time and was moth-balled to be lost in time and gathering dust in an attic, at least until now anyway. As thanks to Dizzy fan Lukasz Kur of which we highly respect, he has rediscovered it and restored it, for this very first Kickstarter Campaign!

Yes indeed just like the other Kickstarters, you too can have your very own Panic! Dizzy NES game to play all boxed with an instruction manual, the cart and a folded poster, just like in the NES game packages of old. The box will also be enclosed in a plastic NES box case just like the other great Kickstarter of Wonderland Dizzy! So yes an almighty Kickstarter for retro fans, and all you need to do is to keep pledging to make this a Kickstarter success by raising £13,500! - Oh and check out the awesome backer perks such as a 16x12" Signed Canvas (signed by Philip and Andrew) too!

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