SkillGrid - AGA Shoot em up coming to the Amiga gets new footage

Even more Amiga news for a Monday and one I think you'll agree is pretty damn awesome! As we've just been told the upcoming Shoot em up called ' SkillGrid ', has just received a massive gameplay trailer showing just how cool this Amiga game actually looks. This game in development by RETREM is an endless score-attack vertical shoot 'em up which is currently in development, and will be released (hopefully) in Q1 2019.

Soon to be available for AGA systems such as the 1200,4000 and Amiga CD32. The game features original gameplay based on shooting at enemies and catching/dodging of cells, an impressive 3 parallax layers (2 of which generated procedurally) scrolling at variable speed, 1 fixed layer for the HUD, real time palette changes, tiny sprites, pixel-perfect collision detection, an awesome high quality prog-rock music and much much more, all running from hard disk, CD or Floppy Disk!

Links :1) Source 2) Discussion 3) RGCD

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