SOPHIA II - Enhanced remake of Matthew Smith's "Styx" available as version 1.01

If you were checking out Indie Retro News last Monday, you would've come across a post from us that announced the release of 'Sophia II' version 1.0 for the ZX Spectrum. This game is a sequel to the successful Sophia and a remake of Matthew Smith's 48k ZX Spectrum game "Styx" while blending gameplay from both games. Well if you enjoyed the game and want more, the developer has further announced Sophia II version 1.01 with a number of improvements.

Yes indeed a game of which we have highly enjoyed from Alessandro Grussu, has been updated to version 1.01 with fixes such as a bug of random placement of the amulets in level 2, and screens slighty retouched for level 2. As for actual object improvement, those where given a glow touch up by our good friend Allan Turvey!

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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