Pinball Dreams CPC - Fantastic Amiga classic on the Amstrad CPC is nearly here!

At the end of 2016-2017 we announced the fantastic Amiga pinball game ' Pinball Dreams ' by Digital Illusions CE in 1992 had finally been made available as a preview download on the Amstrad CPC by none other than Batman Group, creators of the scene demo Batman Forever. Well here we are again as we are pleased to tell you that after much excitement and global Amstrad load ups of the brilliant preview. Batman Group as a new division for games development called "BG Games", has announced the CPC version is finished and Rhino and his team are just awaiting a license deal with Rebellion, which owns the rights for Pinball Dreams

Pinball Dreams was and still is the most amazing of Pinball games, and the appearance of the Beat Box table on the Amstrad CPC blew us all away with smooth scrolling, great detail and stunning 8-bit sound, which was a remarkable achievement on the 8-bit machine. And that was just a teaser to come, as if you watch the video now, the CPC version is looking more incredible than many could ever believe!

Features :

-More realistic physics & improved gameplay

-IRC technology (Instant Response Controls)

-50hz all the time (half frame in-game)

-Smoothest pixel-precise multi-speed scroll

-Fastest hi-precision maths in a Z80 game

-UFD technology (Ultra-Fast drawing)

-FT Invisible-Vertical-Split in a game

-Interactive Sound system based on Arkos Tracker

-350kb of full color graphics

-30 minutes of full OST in 62kb

Links :1) Source 2) Twitter

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