Super Toboggan Challenge - A Richard Bayliss C64 game using a new Assemble IT Update

We now look towards the C64 for our retro kicks, as this week Richard Bayliss through The New Dimension has released the fast scrolling sports game ' Super Toboggan Challenge ' for the C64! This game developed using the new Assemble IT Update, was developed as a fun example game to show off the smooth upwards and downwards scrolling that can be created using the new IT update.

As noted by the website, Super Toboggan Challenge is a simple game, in which you have to dodge your way past various obstacles that get in your way, while also collecting flags. This is a really fast paced score attack game, that features once again a top quality soundtrack by Richard Bayliss. So yes if the game isn't to your liking, you can always listen to that awesome tune!

Links :1) Source 2) CSdb 3) Laxity Trainer

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