The Mystery Of YASWR Jungle - Ultimate Play The Game "Sabre Wulf" is being remade

The retro news just keeps on coming this week, as earlier today we found out that ' Sabre Wulf ' is currently being remade by Retrotechy, as a high quality isometric game which looks like it might be coming to a PC near you. This game also appeared in our news feeds recently as that same game, a classic Ultimate Play the Game Classic from 1984, is also being developed for the Atari XL/XE as a port by Robert Stuart with music by Miker.

Ultimate Play the Game is certainly a name that has lasted through the ages, as not only do we have Melkhior's Mansion - The Ultimate Play the Game 'Atic Atac' remake to look forward too, but we have also mentioned their other games in our news feed, such as the upcoming Alien-8 for the C64 and ones you can play right now such as Knightlore and even Gunfright Ultimate Edition, again on the C64.

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