Aleph One: Pathways Into Darkness - A full port of the 1993 mac game to the Aleph One engine

In 1993 Bungie Software released Pathways into Darkness the most advanced and ground breaking First Person Shooter for the Macintosh that broke new ground combining adventuring with a first person shooter. This game which sadly vanished into the void after the Macintosh hardware evolved has never been featured on this site before, and as such it's with great pleasure as thanks to a heads up by @JeffCotten1989, that this classic first person shooter/adventure game Pathways Into Darkness is now finally playable on Windows thanks to W'rkncacnter and the source port Aleph One.

As noted by the wiki page for Pathways Into Darkness, the game's style is an unusual blend between that of the first-person shooter and an RPG with several conventions associated with a survival horror game. While much of the game consists of fighting monsters, a great deal of time is also spent solving difficult puzzles, and conversing, via a magic yellow crystal, with dead men (mostly from an ill fated Nazi expedition), who knew a few of the pyramid's secrets.

As for the port of the 1993 mac game "Pathways Into Darkness" by Bungie to the Aleph One engine, it features levels that can be re-visited multiple times, advanced inventory for carrying and using many items, resting abilities, special cystel powers, RPG elements AND an ending score based how you do while playing the game!

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