AlarCity Dungeon Prototype - Formerly known as the "AlarTV" Amiga version

Even more Amiga news today as we've recently been informed from Earok of PixelGlass, that he has released a playable Amiga prototype of the AlarCity Dungeon, which was formly known as AlarTV. Now I know many of you are still waiting for the full game of AlarCity from PixelGlass, but this downloadable blaster is a version of a game that no longer represents the current vision at all while still remaining completely playable. As in his words "the engine, the graphics, the gameplay and the upgrade system are in the process of being completely overhauled to something more fun and polished".

According to Earok who made the post on EAB today regarding the AlarCity Dungeon Prototype. This is a curiosity for anyone who wanted to try it, and although the game is rough around the edges, it is still manic and chaotic fun containing 55 kick ass blasting rooms, lots of enemies to fight, an awesome soundtrack, the ability to strafe and treasure to collect.

Links : 1) EAB 2) Download

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