Fantastic Dizzy - Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game Prototype discovered

Ever since I had an Amstrad CPC 464 and then on to an Amiga, I have always been a massive Dizzy fan, playing pretty much every Dizzy game ever released since 1987 by the famous Oliver Twins with a huge collection gathering in my cupboard. One such Dizzy game I remember so well was Fantastic Dizzy, which appeared on the Amiga, Game Gear, NES, Sega Mega Drive and even via your browser thanks to our good friends the YolkFolk! So why are we mentioning this game you might ask? Well thanks to a heads up by our YolkFolk friends, they have mentioned a Sega MegaDrive and Genesis prototype that has been discovered of that very game!

Yes indeed one of my all time favourite games on a multitude of systems, but this time as a prototype. Has been made available through Yolkfolk thanks to a private message from a fan called David Rogers who has discovered this Sega Mega Drive/Genesis ROM which appears to be prototype of Fantastic Dizzy. According to Adam Markey via our Dizzy : RetroGaming Facebook group however he discovered the ROM on the server of the 'English Amiga Board' in a collection of other Sega ROMs, and never knew this existed online and that it's a great discovery indeed.

Special Notes : 

Also enclosed in the zip are descriptions and screenshots of all the differences and unfinished sections that are on this prototype.

- No Audio
- Dizzy missing from Codies screen
- No title and Intro
- Score doesn't work
- Unlimited Lives
- Palette changes on some sections
- Early graphics including a bigger Pogie
- The extra life Puzzle is a lot different.

And the controls are different too.
- 'A' Button makes Dizzy walk faster when held
- 'B' Button is Jump
- 'C' Button is Action/Pickup/Drop/Talk
- 'Start' button shows the Status/Inventory screen

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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