Celtic Heart - Trap Runner developer announces a new Amiga game (RELEASED)

After this week's news I wasn't expecting to write much more this weekend being completely burnt out, but when I came across ' Celtic Heart ' announced via the EAB forums I thought it was just too good not to mention. This game from the creator of Trap Runner (Night Owl Design), is a brand new game using the same engine, but instead of being a jump and run used in Trap Runner, this time is a platformer set in a medieval setting as a project for his brother wanting to do something different.

Phx has told us this medieval platformer puts you in control of a celtic knight who can kill his enemies by a magical strike and ONLY if you are near your enemy. The game has three diferent worlds, 13 colour filled levels, an end sequence, and although this is still a damn fine game, it is still only an internal project and as such is not as polished as Trap Runner.

Extra Notes :
The usual minimum requirements are: 68000, 7MHz, OCS, 1MB (512K Chip are sufficient), Kickstart 1.2. Download the ADF from here:

Links :1) Discussion 2) DOWNLOAD 3) Lemon Amiga 4) Source Code Only

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