Pinball Dreams on the Amstrad CPC - An EXCLUSIVE First Look!

Released originally in 1992 on the Amiga, Pinball Dreams, the game which claimed to be a 'real pinball simulator' became somewhat of a fan-favourite and cult classic. Released on many different system over the years including the likes of the Super Nintendo, the Amstrad CPC never saw a port as the humble 8 bit system was pretty much out of the video gaming picture by '92. None of the home micros received a port in fact. The Commodore 64 got a preview version in 2006, but was never fully completed into a full game despite the C64 fanbase begging for a full version. But surprisingly, in 2016 the Batman Group who specialize in creating amazing demos for the classic computers, released a preview of an Amstrad version of the Digital Illusions masterpiece. Now, in early 2019, we have a full completed game which will dazzle CPC fans and 8 bit gamers as a whole.

Exclusively for Indie Retro News, we take a first look and review at the whole finished spectacle, with all 4 tables and a look at the game being played on a CPC 464! This wizardry takes 8 bit and Amstrad gaming to new levels!

Also, just to hark back to the demo release, and see the way the game performs on CPC emulator WinAPE, this was my video of the preview back from 2016.

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