ModSurfer - A free rhythm game for the Commodore Amiga!

From Arcade games to Platformers and Puzzlers, these are the typical homebrew style that developers like to make for most systems which includes the Amiga. Well now we have something rather unique to show you and unlike those genres we just mentioned above, this is a rhythm called ' ModSurfer '; a brand new game from arcanist entered into the English Amiga Board game development competition whereby your own awesome MOD music is a part of the game being played!

Yes indeed if you love music and love retro gaming, then ModSurfer could be the game for you! Select a mod file, turn up the speakers, and bounce your Boing Ball to every rapid beat until the track is complete!  All PAL Amigas are supported. Larger MODs will need more chip RAM. Hard disk installation is supported. No Amiga? No problem! Also works great in WinUAE and FS-UAE on your platform of choice.

Links :1) Source 2) Discussion & Info 3) Download HDD/ADF 4) Modsurfer Mods File

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