Mojonian Tales - An anthology of games created by the Mojon Twins for the NES

The Mojon Twins are certainly no strangers to this site, releasing cool homebrew games such as Cheril the Writer, Bootèe, MiedoW (Cheril's Nightmares), Mega Cheril Perils and even games such as Lala The Magical on the NES! But now there's a new game(s) in town, as we've just learnt from @nath_mojon the availability of ' Mojonian Tales '; an anthology of games created by the Mojon Twins inclusive of adventures, platformers, shooters and even puzzlers!

As noted by the website, Mojonian Tales is an anthology of games created by the Mojon Twins. The list includes refurbished (sometimes reprogramed) old jewels, NES ports of some of their games already available in other platforms, and brand new games never published before. This package also includes a big bunch of easter eggs and hidden treasures for you to find and share all commercially available at the price of $48 NES or Famicom Complete in Box!

So what if you don't have the cash to spare but still want to play this multitude of awesomeness, well worry not as if you check out the website, they've even got a demo for you to try on your NES or via Emulation.

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