The Shadows of Sergoth - Superb work in progress Amiga Dungeon Crawler gets another teaser!

If you have an Amstrad near by, chances are you would've come across the excellent homebrew Dungeon Crawler ' The Shadows of Sergoth ' which blew many of us away with high quality development featuring over 46000 lines of assembly code, fast coded graphics, monsters and cool loot. Well if you don't have an Amstrad but instead an Amiga, you will be pleased to know the previously announced work in progress Amiga version, has just got a very cool video update!

The Shadows of Sergoth is currently being ported over to the Amiga by Colin Vella, Graphics and Sound by Saul Cross,  publishing by the popular publishers Double Sided Games with full support of the original Amstrad team. As for the video above, it shows the latest work in progress with new additions: title screen background, teleporters through ground and ceiling holes, banners to find and collect, improvements to the level builder (not in this video), and a sneak peak at the music!

Links :1) Twitter 2) Amstrad Version

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