1337 Karate - Fight the competition in this Karate game released at Revision 2019.

Yet another Saberman heads up and no not an Amiga game, is this C64 karate based preview called ' 1337 Karate ' by Abyss Connection which pits you against the computer or another player in a multitude of karate competitions. Yes indeed if you loved playing games such as International Karate, IK+, or even Street Fighter, then read on as I think you'll agree this game could almost be described as a blend of those games rolled into one.

Although not as good as those games, 1337 Karate isn't a bad effort indeed for a game released during the Revision 2019 compo! It sports a number of different moves against an opponent, different themed areas, and you can fight for the Atari or C64 as much as you want. Just beware according to a number of people who played it, the game does need polishing as the characters can feel a bit stiff.

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