Cyberwolf - Super smooth Amiga first person shooter preview

BioJet wasn't the only game to came back to this Monday afternoon, as Saberman was also kind enough to tell us about the latest preview release of Cyberwolf, which was shown off at the Revision 2019 demoscene event.  This Amiga game with development by britelite, bracket, dodke, spiikki, oasiz and chb/kalms, is a first person shooter that at its current stage of development, is very unomptimized and may bevave weird on anything else than a regular A500 without accelerator!

As we said above the game is very unoptimized as an early preview game, but from what we can tell in the video above, this first person shooter does look rather impressive sporting smooth frame rates, decent enough action, and interesting level designs. Do beware however, although the game will work on an A500 without accelerator it does require a 000/OCS with 512k/512k for maximum pleasure, with the full game being fixed for all 68k Amigas.

Links :1) Source  2) Download 

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