AlarCity - Upcoming Amiga game from PixelGlass gets beefed up!

The Amiga has certainly had its fair share of news over the last couple of months, what with the CD32 Beer edition, Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude, Bridge Strike, AlarCity Dungeon Prototype and Blask gracing our Amiga screens. But now it looks as if AlarCity is back in the news, as unlike the prototype we mentioned not long ago, Tsak has posted a big update which goes into some detail about the overhaul to this upcoming game.

Although a far more detailed description can be found on the EAB forums, Tsak has basically said that AlarCity is no longer the action game we remember from the AlarTV prototype nor the demo's released some time ago, but the game has become more of an RPG with dialogue, interactions, npcs and in-game cutscenes. The reason behind this it seems, is because of feedback related to the character and the change over to the bulky character designed by talented pixel artist Koyott, it didn't really fit the fast paced mechanics of the earlier versions.

But not to feel too disheartend for those who prefered the original version, as the complete Alarcity engine had been reworked into a faster, better and more featured version, a new pixel artist has joined the ranks, and finally while they plan to maintain some form of the fast paced action, the new hero isn't gonna be as super agile as old Zoidy was.  As in Tsak's words " likely to recieve new abilities like fast dashing and deadly melee attacks which will compensate for the lack of normal moving speed. In regards to the shoot'em'up part, the weapons(spells), god powers, elements and upgrading has also been reworked and refined to make better sense within the new context and story".

And that's just a small snippet to Tsak's detailed post on the EAB forums, so for further info head on over there and check out the latest update ( LINKED HERE )

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