Courier of the Crypts - Illuminating Dungeon Crawler gets a Steam launch

We've just been contacted by Emberheartgames that they have recently announced the release of their Illuminating dungeon crawler of ' Courier of the Crypts ', which is available to buy on Steam for the PC. In this pixelated adventure, you play as a courier on a mission to finish a delivery through dark and dangerous crypts with only a magic torch to light your way! Illuminate the path ahead, defend yourself from darkness, and solve dangerous puzzles throughout the crypt!

This latest addition to a world of dungeon crawlers features plenty of interest for the adventure gamer. As not only does it have ambient hand crafted maps, deadly traps, riches, puzzles, and an appealing story,  but there's beautiful pixelated graphics, lots of secrets, crypt shops with perks and it's very atmospheric! So head on over to the Steam page below and check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Links :1) Steam

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