Mashed Turtles - A surprisingly enjoyable Frogger inspired C64 game

It's time to put aside the controversial Super Mario C64 news, which is *ahem* still available throughout the globe just not on one particular site ;). As we have come across a rather enjoyable Frogger inspired game called 'Mashed Turtles', which has been released for the C64. This game originally developed by Fandal+PG for the Atari 8bit, is a multiplayer port by Angelsoft, with spirtes by Dorndof that supports up to 8 players of turtle squashing fun.

Yes indeed if you loved playing Frogger then you'll know what to expect in this game, as in Mashed Turtles you need to make your turtle across a dangerous road to reach the other side without getting squashed. The more turtles that make it, the higher the points you get... Squashed turtle results feature at the end of each round!

Mashed Turtles C64 Port - Version 3, now with Inception 8-Player adapter support

Links 1) Source 2) Download Laxity Trainer

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