Lumberjack Platform - Tree chopping Amiga game is now a charming platformer!

Some time back we mentioned Megastyle & Protovision's C64 homebrew game of ' Lumberjack ', which put you in the mighty boots of a Lumberjack, chopping down trees as fast as he can, without being bashed by the big branches above. It was a highly addictive game on the C64 that was later ported over to the Amiga as a fantastic enhanced version thanks to Cobe and Lemming880. So why are we mentioning this awesome game again? Well as of today you can play Lumberjack Platform; a new Amiga platformer based around that very enjoyable title, with design by Lemming880, graphics by Koyot1222, support by Cobe and music by Tommy/Android.

Yes indeed Mr Lumberjack is BACK! But this time he's not chopping down tree's in a highly addictive arcade game, but playing in his very own action platformer using the Redpill software tool! Traverse through the many different levels, smight your enemies with a mighty throwing axe, collect wood piles, and find the door to reach an ever difficult area.

Made in Redpill
Minimum system: A1200

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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