Chip Rescue - A new Speccy game from Romancha!

Another heads up from Saberman and again a ZX Spectrum game, as we've just been told Romancha had released a platformer called ' Chip Rescue ', which works on both 48k and 128k ZX Spectrums. This game that was coded using his own software including excel for sprites, puts you in control of a Special Agent on a mission to collect parts of a microchip before it is turned into a weapon and used against all of man kind.

Although not the most fancy of ZX Spectrum games especially as the game is his first one, CHIP Rescue for the ZX Spectrum isn't a bad effort indeed. It features a good number of themed rooms, enemies to avoid, dangerous traps, items to collect and a lovely chippy soundtrack. The only down side to the game is the fact that the enemy sprites do flicker which may put some speccy gamers off :)

Links :1) Download 

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