Hunter TC - Action/Adventure classic total conversion for GZdoom (Doom port) teased

Let's go back in time, right back to 1991 when Activsion released 'Hunter' for the Amiga and Atari ST. An action-adventure game that by today's view point would be classed as a Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry mix. Expansive, open worlds, a military theme, and the focus on small squads of soldiers or lone heroes. Well if you remember this fine game, then you'll be pleased to know Cherno was working on a total conversion based on the 1991 Amiga game, but instead using GZdoom which in-itself is a Doom port.

As someone who has played this fine game when I was a teenager, I never remembered how to play the game but all I cared for was finding the best vehicle and using it to speed around the islands such as a car or boat. My favourite being the car for speeding over hills and humps and then crashing the car into the sea ;). As for this version however which really does give me those nostalgic vibes, Cherno has said he won't be persuing the above project any further as it has become clear he is pushing the engine way beyond it's limits, but has atleast shown us what he has achieved so far in the video above.
Cherno - "I probably won't pursue this project any further since it has become clear that I am basically pushing the engine way past it's limits, and GZDoom wasn't designed for this kind of game anyway. The original Hunter's game world has 256*256 tiles, but anything over 90*90 would crash GZDoom when loading the map. Filling the world with terrain and all kinds of other things would make matters even worse, I fear. Still, I learned a lot from this and it will help me in my future GZDoom projects and even in my continued work on the initial Hunter remake project in Unity".
And that's pretty much all we know so far, but for further details make sure to check the discussion thread or video link below and hope Cherno does atleast release into the wild the version he has teased us with so far.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Details

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