KRAP PARK - Jaime Grilo's upcoming ZX Spectrum game features a wicked tune!

Jaime Grilo is certainly no slouch when it comes to making enjoyable ZX Spectrum games, especially with games such as Zukinox, Tea-Leaf Ted and QUAHAPPY under his retro gaming belt. But now after a previous tease in 2018, he's yet again mentioned his latest upcoming ZX Spectrum game of ' KRAP PARK'; which is a top down arcade game whereby you need bring multiple items to a gangsta, who has stole your girlfriends precious necklass.

Although we are not sure of a release date but it doesn't look far off, KRAP PARK is an action arcade/adventure game for the Spectrum 48K (without music) and Spectrum 128k (with AY music), and was made using Arcade Game Designer 4.7 and AGDMusicizer II with a team of people such as Allan Turvey, Andy Green, Ironman and Damien Guard.

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