Micro Mages - New NES platformer hits the stores

Kickstarter has been the launch platform for many retro system games for a while now, and the latest to get the treatment is Morphcat Games' Micro Mages. A spectacular looking 4-player NES title (with a multi-tap) that manages to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the 8-bit platform to create one of the best looking games I've ever seen on the system.

While the kickstarter campaign was mainly to create a production run of physical cartridges one of the community moderator (@heos) has said that future runs will be done "Eventually maybe possibly" and to keep an eye out on morphcat.de or their twitter @morphcat

I've only just started playing it (I was a campaign backer) but so far it feels like a very polished game with excellent controls and physics. It certainly feels like a modern game on an old platform rather than an old game spiced up. The basic mechanic is to climb the vertically scrolling tower (up only... no going back!) kill all the things and face a boss at the end of each major section. Be warned though, what is definitely retro is the difficulty level. It's as hard as any other 80's NES title!

But the best news so far is that the steam version (The actual NES packaged up into a standalone emulator) runs perfectly under linux as well, using the Proton compatibility layer!

To get hold of the NES ROM file and PC standalone executable, find Micro Mages at:



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