Percy Penguin - A very early Christmas present for ZX Spectrum owners?

If you just can't wait for Christmas and fancy playing a Christmas themed game, or atleast a beta version of a Christmas themed game, then you might be interested to know John Davies has released an early beta version of his ZX Spectrum game ' Percy Penguin '. Classed as a Jet Set Willy cloned platformer, except with a playable Penguin, you must collect all the gifts in every level before the time runs out and it's Christmas day.

Sadly however Percy Penguin is one of the hardest and most frustrating games I've played for some time, which is marred with too many traps and timed jumps before even the second screen is complete. Although the game doesn't feature any music yet or a loading screen as it's a 90% beta version, many of the spiked traps and other such dangers are so badly placed they are very unforgiving and have at times caused my character to get stuck in a death loop.

And that's pretty much my only issue with the game, as yes even it is a beta, I do like the room designs and interesting character animations, even with the hightened difficulty level. For those of you wanting to play however, can try out the early demo below.

Links :1) Demo 

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