A new Amiga Amos based game coming soon from XBOXOWN

There has been so many games mentioned this year for the Amiga, games such as pONG 4K, RESHOOT R and Skillgrid to name but a few. But now another game is set to take center stage, as we've just come across a new game in our Commodore Amiga group that looks be a tic-tac toe/connect four clone which is going to be developed and released by XBOXOWN!

Although not much else has been shown, seeing as it was only just posted 2 hours ago. But the graphics arist Christian Anderton has said "it's AMOS based,- some kind of tic-tac-toe/connect four clone and he's up to about 23ish colours, NTSC lo-res"... As soon as we know more, we will of course update you right here on IRN!

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