Dizzy Scripting Engine reaches v1.1.0 - Create Dizzy games for the ZX Spectrum

I've always had a soft spot for that lovable character Dizzy; A character by the Oliver Twins that takes us back to the golden years of the Amstrad, C64 and even the ZX Spectrum. To be honest it's why everytime there's a new Dizzy fan game being developed or a lost Dizzy game found, I've always got to give it the mention. So why am I mentioning Dizzy again? Welcome to the 'Dizzy Scripting Engine'; an engine that makes it easier to create Dizzy games for the ZX Spectrum!

Reaching the dizzy heights of V1.1.0, the Dizzy Scripting Engine (DizzySE) is an environment for the development of Dizzy-like games for the home computer ZX Spectrum 128 and its clones, with a key feature to rid the developer of programming on assembler language and knowledge of difficult computer architecture. Basically it helps people of both young and old, create Dizzy games for the ZX Spectrum with far more ease with just the need to learn a very simple scripting language and to know any graphic editor capable of working with images with indexed color....

For further information such as release notes, head on over to the website linked (HERE)

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