Lost Little Spaceman - A little lost Spaceman in a new ZX Spectrum game

Another Saberman heads up as he has told us Nellyfish has released the Arcade/Platformer game of ' Lost Little Spaceman ' which is available to download and play on a ZX Spectrum. This game developed using AGDx, is the latest enjoyable title to appear on our little Speccies, as in this game you need to survive against the forces of gravity in an unknown Space Station, full of nasty traps such as laser beams and other deadly obstacles.

Traverse the different rooms, use gravity to your advantage, but be careful, one wrong flip of your poor little lost spaceman and he'll end up fried on a deadly laser! Will you find your way out of this hellish Space Station or will you be forever lost in the furthest reaches of space?

Links :1) Download

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