MegaSD - World’s First Mega-CD/Sega CD FPGA Optical Disc Emulator Cartridge Announced!

We've certainly featured a good number of SD based devices over the years, from the SD2SNES, Everdrive N8 and even the Mega Everdrive to name but a few. But now a new contender is looking to dethrone the name SD, as Terraonion has announced the MegaSD; the World’s First Mega-CD/Sega CD FPGA Optical Disc Emulator, as the ultimate accessory for Genesis/Mega Drive. Complete FPGA recreation of the entire Mega-CD/Sega CD hardware into a plug and play Cartridge!

18:45mins onwards

Yes indeed if you're looking for the ultimate in SD based devices for your Sega Mega Drive then look no further than the MegaSD. A device which plugs into your Sega Mega Drive and plays not just your standard Sega Mega Drive games, but 32X games((requires 32X add-on), Sega Master System Games, Genesis games with CD Audio, like MSU-1, and what will really blow you away, is Sega CD games without the original CD hardware attached!

Full Features :

• Plays both ISOS (bin+cue) and ROMS
• RAM based cartridge for instant boot
• Compatible with all original and region free patched Mega-CD / Sega CD bios
• Supports Megadrive / Genesis, Sega CD / Mega-CD, Master System and 32X games (requires 32X add-on)
• Fully compatible with Analogue Mega Sg!
• Easy to use interface for navigating your collection with screenshots, genre, year and description
• Save State support for Megadrive and Genesis Cartridge games (8 slots)
• Built in cheat engine for Megadrive and Genesis cartridge games
• Emulates all different Genesis / Mega Drive / Master System / 32x cartridge mappers.
• Stores all different Genesis / Mega Drive / Master System / 32x cartridge saves into microsd card.
• Per game Mega-CD / Sega CD Backup RAM and Cartridge RAM stored into microsd card
• Master System FM Core
• In-Game menu for fast reboot and swapping games (Genesis / Megadrive and Mega-CD / Sega CD)

Links :1) Full Details  (NOTICE : This item €232.00 starts shipping first week of August 2019 by strict purchase order, shipping times will depend on sales volumes)

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