Tomb Chaser - A new C64 game from RetroLynx(STF)!

If you're looking for another C64 game to play which isn't a preview, you'll be pleased to know that RetroLynx(STF) has released his arcade maze game of ' Tomb Chaser ' for the C64. This game developed on the Ultimate 64 and written in BASIC V2, requires the player to collect a set amount of gems in a level, before the tomb collapses and you end up as a lost adventurer trapped in the tomb forever.

As noted by the instructions... You have to make it through 10 tombs, and in each tomb you have to collect atleast 6 gems to unlock the level. What makes the game more challenging is if the required gems are not collected in time and the door stays shut, the tomb will collapse and most likely it's a game over for your character.  So hurry up, use the torch sparingly to light the way, and grab enough gems to make your escape. Good luck adventurer!

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