Dandy +7D - Fine and Dandy bug fixed C64 release from Hokuto Force

If you're looking for a new(ish) C64 game to play, then you might be interested in playing Hokuto Force's latest bug fixed offering in Electric Dreams 1986 game of ' Dandy '. This game released all those years ago much to the excitement of dungeon hacking fans, and in a similar vane to Gauntlet, was sadly disappointed. As not only did magazines rate it rather badly at 28% but as Neo-Rio rightly says in comments "easily the most buggy game to ever be commercially released on the 64"!

So why are we mentioning this game you might ask? Thankfully Hokuto Force was here to help, as not only is this a fully working version of Dandy as the original couldn't be completed, but there have been a ton of bug fixes done by the team AND a cool trainer added giving us unlimited lives, energy and even a level skip! For those of you who want to know what was fixed please make sure to download the DANDY WORK file to see how much was fixed to get this game working.

Links :1) Source  2) Download 3) The history of Dandy 4) The History of Dandy V2

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