F'n Balls - A new speccy game from Andy Dansby with loading screen by Andy Green!

Glorious news if you're looking for a new ZX Spectrum game to play, as thanks to a heads up by our good friend Andy Green, he has told us Andy Dansby has released the Arcade/Puzzle game 'F'n Balls' for the ZX Spectrum. Yes indeed featuring all the bleeps and blops you could ever wish for, this new game puts you in control of a ball called BOB, who, after wanting to be left alone, keeps having to deal with enemies waiting to give you the POP!

As noted by Andy Green "In this arcade maze game you control a ball called Bob who just wants to be left alone but alas, others have different ideas who's intentions are to seek out Bob and pop him! Negotiate each level avoiding obstacles and enemies and get to the exit. This game comes with a very handy PDF document that explains the different types of obstacles and blocks that can help Bob on his journey ". The game features fun yet challenging gameplay, plenty of levels to visit, a fantastic loading screen by Andy Green, and smooth controls that doesn't hinder your bouncing ball of fun!

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