The Lord of Dragonspire - Previously announced C64 RPG in final testing

Great news if you were a specific backer of the Zzap64 2020 annual kickstarter or a follower of the psytronik website, as we were recently told through Facebook that Icon64 will be bringing the RPG game of ' The Lord of Dragonspire ' to the C64 at some point soon. This game of which we have featured before, is being developed by Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey and Jason Page, and as of this re-teased video, the game is now in the final stage of testing.

This C64 game which was a part of the recent Kickstarter which was another resounding success for Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books. Is currently in development by Icon64 creators of Rocky Memphis : The Legend Of Atlantis, and will feature great gameplay, great sound, and kick ass graphics by a team of people as previously mentioned at the top of page.

Please note that smooth scrolling isn't possible, as according to Icon64 "The game uses a split bitmap mode and chars . same way master of magic did it - and that has the same effect"

Links :1) Kickstarter  2) Facebook  3) Website

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