Inviyya - In development Amiga Shoot Em Up looks super cool!

The Amiga is coming in hotter than the weather for this month, as after already mentioning Athanor 2, and Earok's work in progress Scorpion Engine, along comes another video update for the in-development Amiga shoot em up 'Inviyya'. This game being developed by TigerSkunk, Triace and Premium for the Amiga 500 and up, was first announced via the EAB forums in October 2016, and going by the latest footage is looking like a game of the year experience for the Amiga community.

Further work on Level 2. Collissions are off.

Although we haven't had a full level try out of this upcoming game, just lots of project teasers and level updates. Rest assured when this game does come to the Amiga 500, it will have parallax scrolling, lots of objects on screen, sound effects and music by demo scener Triace, logo by demo scener Premium, and finally almost all of the game will be running 50fps with just the slightest of hiccups!

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