ALPHARAY - A fabulous shoot em up for the COMMODORE C16 + 64K and the PLUS/4

On the topic of brilliant looking shoot em ups, one such game caught our eye, and that's Stefan Mader's and team ' ALPHARAY ' by Puls4r. This game released recently at the Evoke party, is a stonkly good shoot em up, which was released by the Bauknecht Group for the COMMODORE C16 + 64K and or PLUS/4. It features high quality graphics, smooth frame rates, and a nostalgic scrolling action trip to that of R-Type!

ALPHARAY was created by Stefan Mader, with additional coding by D, Andras, graphics by K Robert, additional graphics by M Rainer and music by D, Ronny. It's a game that if you're looking for a fabulous game to show off to your friends on the Commodore C16+64k and or the Plus/4 then ALPHARAY is the game to be played! - Seriously, what a great achievement by Stefan Mader and team, my hats off to you guys for a stonkingly good game.

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