Formula Fun - Indy Heat inspired game in dev for the Commodore Amiga

Before we get to the BIG exclusive reveal, there's another game that might take your fancy, and that's Spider Horace's upcoming Arcade racing game ' Formula Fun '. Yes take a look at the screen shot above, as if you remember playing the Amiga game ' Indy Heat ', then you'll be pleased to learn that this game is not only a top down racing game developed using AMOS, but it's inspired by that game as well as Super Sprint and Super Off-Road!

It is unknown when the game will be finished, but in regards to the early demo available below from Feb 2019, it was developed as an 'arcade' mode, using scores given according to race completion to give the user a chance to beta test the game as an early test of the driving engine. Do beware it is a very early prototype demo and as such maybe buggy and missing many full game features.

Links :1) Facebook  2) Download demo : You can request a demo version for beta tester the game by connecting to their discord channel:

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