Romhacking Spotlight - The DX Edition posted by Thermoptic

This segment of the Romhacking Spotlight is all about DX! You might remember that Nintendo has re-relased a number of titles for the Gameboy with the added letters DX at the end. These were games that first were released for the original Gameboy - in its fabolous limited monochrome colors - later enhanced and upgraded in full color for the Gameboy Color. Some great examples of these were Tetris DX, R-Type DX and of course The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. The most notable changes of the DX games where the addition of a color pallet but there were also other tweaks and features added making it a Deluxe version, or "DX".

But there were some other games that would have looked great with some DX treatment but sadly Nintendo never did. So once again Romhackers took care of this, let's take a look at a couple of DX romhacks:

Super Mario Land DX
Yes the almighty Super Mario Land got a graphic upgrade and color palette thanks to the romhacker toruzz. This romhack actually turns the original game into a gameboy color game and it looks great!

Super Mario Land DX 2 -
Another amazing DX hack by toruzz that not only adds color but lets you play as Luigi and removes lag. Definitely a hack you need to get if you are a fan of this game!

Super Mario Bros DX -
A DX upgrade for a Nes game? Yes the colors are still there but instead the graphics of the sprites has been upgraded and it looks great! Some of you might still want the original look of the game for nostalgic reasons but if you want to see the original Mario game with the graphics pushed to the limits of the Nes then this is a hack you should check out. Also I recommend you take a look at the readme where you get some suggestions of other hacks that you can combine with this hack.

The Legend of Zelda DX -
Just like the Smb Dx this hacks adds some graphical upgrades but also adds some improvements to the original game by including "Snarfblam’s Automap Plus" that automatically shows all the places you have visited in the overworld. A really nice hack that you should take a look at if you are planning on playing this amazing game again.

Posted by @Thermoptic

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