Romhacking Spotlight - New Weapons, Reinforcements and Juggling!

Welcome to the Romhacking Spotlight! This time we are going to look at a couple of hacks that will really do some amazing upgrades! Have you played these hacks or have any romhacks to recommend then please tell us about them in the comments. Enjoy the hacks!

Battle City - 4 Players Hack
Battle City is a really fun 2-player Co-op game that I can really recommend. Im not sure if Battle City ever got released for the Nes outside Japan but luckily I had one of those multicards as a kid and this game was included. But now thanks to the romhacker called Ti you now can play Battle City with up to four players! This game just got even better! For some reason you can't play as 1-2 players in this hack, only 3-4 but this was fixed by applying an addendum patch created by Cyneprepou4uk that fixes so you can choose between 1-4 players and also adds some small extra fixes. You can find the original 4-player hack here, and they you can apply the addendum patch that you can download here.

SOR2 - FF Xover 2019 - Special Air Combo Edition
One thing that I have always wanted in Streets of Rage 2 was the ability to hit enemies in the air aka juggle. And one hack that gives us this is “SOR2 - FF Xover 2019 - Special Air Combo Edition” created by Dha Lau Hoo. This hack also includes the characters from Final Fight. Sadly the original characters are replaced but as you can see in this video the game play with the new added juggle ability looks so fun! There is a list of other tweaks and enhancements, be sure to check it out on the Romhacking page here.

Contra: Hard Corps - Ultra Hack v2.0
Contra: Hard Corps - IT.GAMER Ultra Hack v2.0 is a really impressive hack create by IT.GAMER. This hack combines the characters from Hard Core with the characters from Probotector (as it was called in EU) giving you a total of 8 characters, and they all have unique newly designed weapons! When you start the game your character already have all the weapons available and also 4 life points (as you might remember in the Us/Eu version you didn't have any life points, one hit and you are dead) to balance this the powers of the weapons are slightly weaker. I had a blast trying out all the new weapons in this hack, and it was really fun to see what they had created. There is also a little hack that adds the option to hold down the "mode" button (if you have a 6-button controller) to switch between the two fire modes, shot I and shot II and the hack is compatible with the Ultra Hack, you can download it here

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