RESHOOT PROXIMA III - The next Amiga game from RESHOOT R creator Richard Löwenstein?

While many of you are still enjoying RESHOOT R, the previous game from Richard Löwenstein that featured high grade shoot em up action with smooth scrolling and top quality music. You may also be interested to know that he is now working on another game called ' RESHOOT PROXIMA III '; The next game in the RESHOOT line up which instead features top scrolling shoot em up Arcade action and a new soundtrack.

Although it's early days for the game with previewed footage above, RESHOOT PROXIMA III will be developed by Richard Löwenstein, Kevin Saunders,  Bernd "Dascon" Hoffmann, Jochen "Virgill" and Feldkötter with many features we expect from the same creator of the excellent Reshoot R series. We don't have any further details about the game, but expect a hopeful release towards 2020.

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