Rocket 'N Roll - A new SEUCK game by Richard Bayliss for the C64

Another game to add to a long list of C64 designed shoot em ups, as we've recently been told by Saberman that The New Dimension has released a brand new shoot em up called ' Rocket 'N Roll ' for the C64! This game developed by Richard Bayliss, pits your rocket against an unknown force, as you must guide your rocket through 4 different zones to try to find your destination for exploration ie The sun.

In this game you fly across a number of zones and must to destroy as many enemies as possible for an ever higher score. Along the way you'll be able to collect shield pods which for a time will give you some protection from blowing up. The game features challenging zones, plenty of enemies to keep you busy and another great soundtrack by Richard Bayliss.

Links :1) Source  2) CSDb 3) Download 

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